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Balranald Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to the Balranald region, located in the eastern part of New South Wales, Australia. This region is an amazing combination of business and community.


1. Agriculture: Balranald region is an agricultural powerhouse, producing major crops such as wheat, barley, and cotton. Additionally, the livestock industry is thriving with cattle, sheep, and pigs. The region houses modern facilities such as the Murray Aqua Farms and Murrabit Group which export quality products to the global market.

2. Retail: Balranald township boasts of various retail outlets to cater to needs of residents and tourists. Some of these include a 24-hour grocery store, cafes, and specialty gift shops.

3. Tourism: The Balranald region is known for its unique natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Tourist attractions include the Mungo National Park, Balranald Discovery Centre, and various Aboriginal sites. Additionally, the region is home to the Balranald Caravan Park which offers a comfortable stay.


1. Education: Balranald region is home to various educational institutions including two primary schools, and a public multi-campus high school. The Balranald Shire Library provides access to resources and information for all residents.

2. Health: The Balranald Community Health Centre is a part of the Murrumbidgee Local Health District and provides a range of services to the community. Additionally, there are several private health practices in the area.

3. Sports and Recreation: The Balranald Shire Council maintains various parks, playgrounds, and sporting grounds for the community's use. There are also various sporting clubs, including the Balranald Rugby Union Football Club and Balranald Netball Club.

the Balranald region is a prime example of how business and community can thrive together. The unique combination of agriculture, retail, tourism, education, health, sports, and recreation, make it an attractive destination to work and live.

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